Crafting Exquisite Games

Our Gaming Journey

PixelGearsStudio is a leading game development company in the Philippines, specializing in creating engaging games for Android, iOS, Steam, and Xbox platforms.

Founded with a vision of transforming ideas into interactive gaming experiences, PixelGearsStudio started its journey fueled by a passion for gaming.

PixelGearsStudio has served a diverse range of clients, from individual gamers to large corporates, delivering top-tier entertainment and innovative solutions.

Our Core Values

Driving Excellence and Innovation in Game Development


We prioritize quality in every aspect of game development, ensuring our creations deliver exceptional entertainment experiences.


Our team is driven by a deep passion for gaming, infusing creativity and enthusiasm into every project we undertake.


Embracing innovation, we continuously push boundaries in game development to deliver cutting-edge and immersive gaming experiences.

Unlock Endless Adventures Today

Join us on a journey full of excitement and fun. Take the first step into a world of gaming magic with PixelGearsStudio.

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